samedi 14 décembre 2013

fancy product designer move element by API

i've been searching for how to move an item (text, image, design ...) by API; not using drag and drop.
(JQuery Plugin fancy product designer)

here is a fonctionnal code:

bgObject.canvas.setBackgroundImage(bgObject.canvas.source, bgObject.canvas.renderAll.bind(bgObject.canvas), {
  x:bgObject.params.x - 1,
bgObject.params.x --;

where is bgObject is the object loaded by the plugin, you can get it by firing the elementAdded event

var bgObject= null;

.bind('elementAdded', function(evt, obj)  {
   if(obj.title == "Default Image") {
                                            bgObject = obj; 

Note that if you try to understand the code, we are moving a canvas object.
Canvas and many other objects are parts of fabric framework.
 readingits  documentation may be very helpful : (canvas)
that's all !

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